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Merca stands as a dynamic maestro of diverse genres, artfully navigating the intricate tapestry of House, Deep House, and Old School RnB.

Harnessing over a decade of DJing expertise, Merca has masterfully carved his mark within the musical landscape. Holding residencies at revered establishments such as Barrca in Castlefield and DV8 Sandbach, his sonic prowess reverberates through each performance. Merca's talents extend beyond the stage, as he seamlessly curates the musical backdrop for weddings and exclusive private events through his own DJ supply company.

While Merca's heart beats to the rhythm of house music, his talents transcend boundaries. Notably, he also crafts his sonic landscapes as a House-Music Producer, showcasing his deep-rooted connection with the art form. His multi-genre sets are a testament to his artistry, seamlessly blending diverse styles with a skill that only an expert possesses. Merca's innate ability to intuitively connect with a crowd, decipher their energy, and craft an immersive journey is a hallmark of his prowess. A keen eye and an innate feel for the pulse of the crowd enable him to seamlessly adapt his sets, creating an electric atmosphere that captivates and invigorates.

Merca's musical odyssey is a symphony of passion, technical mastery, and a boundless dedication to his craft. With each beat, he paints a vibrant portrait of sonic splendor, proving that his name is synonymous with musical innovation and a profound understanding of the rhythmic pulse of the dance floor.

Available as a solo, duo or trio with platinum selling pianist/singer Danny Wilkin accompaniment
18 Years experience as a professional singer & recording artist

A Few Favourites:

Kiss - Prince

Faith - George Michael

Dancing Queen - ABBA

Hold On, We're Going Home - Drake

Perfect for:

All occasions, wedding ceremonies/receptions, wedding breakfast, stomping evening sets & acoustic afternoons

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